A Mirror experience de-stigmatises otherness and functions as an antidote to politics of estrangement founded on difference. Engaging with the artwork dissolves boundaries of language, religion, politics, ethnicity, age, gender, socio-economic status and personal sovereignty. Participants and observers subliminally discover that in important respects we are all “the other person” to one another.

Cinematographer Gerry McCulloch and Social Sculptor Suiko McCall have teamed up to create a portrait space that subtly foregrounds the innermost states of sitters; a space in which we can locate ourselves in the infinite diversity of others and locate others in the infinite diversity of ourselves.

These cinema-quality slow-motion portraits are filmed while the subject is holding eye contact with a stranger.

Quotes from Mirror participants

"This project brings us closer to world peace."

"It should be mandatory for heads of State."

"I would take part in this project on a weekly basis if I could."